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What do you do AFTER you take that leap of faith?

The world that we live in and the system that we live in…is not changing. You just have to learn how to operate within it. When someone is about to jump out there on faith to pursue their calling, or their dreams … or has already jumped out there on faith into the world of the unknown … the thing that stops most people from making the jump or from continuing to pursue their dreams is because they don’t know how. And HOW … is what leads so many dreams to the graveyard.

After the Jump, was written for individuals who are close to making that jump towards fulfilling their destiny. … or have already made the jump and just need to know what to do to elevate their business or visions to the next level of living.

Louis Scott passionately covers topics such as:

  • Websites
  • Effective Marketing
  • Best practice sales strategies
  • Follow-up techniques
  • Four core principles needed for success
  • All the while inspiring you to become all that God created you to be.